Margaret and myself, Ron (that’s how we get Mar Ron) have made wines and ciders for over 30 years, but have only recently been making it for sale.

We do not claim to use Lincolnshire fruit, but for consistency, we use our own blends of apple concentrates and juices to achieve a real apple taste sadly lacking in the mass- produced ciders.

We only produce still ciders and have limited production capacity, so each bottle is hand filled and labelled.
 We also minimise the amount of sulphites in the cider but traces are inevitable as it is used to sterilise equipment. However this means that the ciders should be drunk within 6 months and stored in the cool out of direct sunlight

The Medium at 4% abv., served chilled, is a light thirst quenching drink perfect for a sunny afternoon.

The Medium Dry at 5.1% abv. is a real cider drinkers drink, a good balance of flavour and strength ideal for evening drinking.

The Medium Sweet at 6% abv is a sipping cider just right to round off the day.

The Medium Pear at 4.5% is an anytime drink perfect over ice.

Choose the cider to suit your palate, or if you are not sure ….why not buy one of each! Available in 500ml bottles and 5, 10 and 20 litre containers. Retail and Trade enquiries welcome.